Faces By Design is a permanent cosmetic make-up company owned and operated by Sam Ray. The company specializes in applying eyeliner, eyebrows and lips for a natural make-up look that is permanent. They also work with alopecia (hair loss) and breast reconstruction clients.

Sam Ray's active training for her work in permanent make-up essentially began during her college years as an artist. Her interest in make-up grew into an interest in theatrical make-up. She worked in the drama department and perfected her skills as a cosmetic artist in television, fashion, print, and camouflage. With her many years of professional experience and achievements in the field of cosmetic artistry, she has provided the essential elements of proficiency that are so vital to permanent make-up today through her company, Faces By Design.

Sam is a member of The National Cosmetic Tattooing Association, The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, The Conventional & Cosmetic Tattoo Association, and The Better Business Bureau. As an active member of these associations, she is required to meet the highest standards of safety and technical ability. Her regular attendance of advanced seminars and workshops qualify her as a professional in the field of cosmetic artistry.

Sam is constantly networking with professionals from many of the major metropolitan areas of the country who are involved in all of the various fields that deal with beauty and health aesthetics. The Beau Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is one such professional permanent makeup affiliation. Due to her extensive national and local television, radio and media exposure in "Mornings on Two, People are Talking", "Dean Edell's Medical Journal", "A.M. Philadelphia", "The Plastic Surgery Source Book" by Kimberly A. Henery, M.D., she is nationally recognized by clients, medical professionals, and colleagues in the permanent make-up industry.

The permanent make-up pigments used by Faces By Design are made from natural iron oxide, which is the base of all make-up. These pigments are free of all fragrances, emollients, and other ingredients added which may cause allergic reactions. The pigment is carefully applied under the uppermost dermal layer of the skin to enhance and create the appearance of a more natural look than regular make-up. Though the effects of aging, surgeries, and sun exposure may alter the pigment's appearance over time, it is permanent, and for this reason "refresher" appointments at Faces By Design may be appropriate every few years in order to keep the make-up looking its best.